Our Environmental Policy

IYM Grup
Our Environmental Policy

İYM Group Construction Inc. We have adopted the sustainability approach within the scope of the environmental management system. The environmental policy adopted by our company consists of the following:
We offer our products and services by making use of technological developments.

  • We constantly evaluate the environmental impact of our services and products. In this direction, we produce works in accordance with the environment.
  • We always act with ISO 14001 certificate.
  • We do our work in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • We are constantly improving our environmental performance.
  • We organize various trainings for our employees to increase their environmental awareness.
  • If necessary, we update the environmental management systems.
  • We act according to international principles and standards.
  • We take various measures against climate change and its effects.
  • We aim for sustainable development and put forward projects accordingly.
  • We operate in the field of circular economy.
  • Issues such as recycling and recycling are among the important issues that our company focuses on.
  • We take part in many social projects related to the protection of natural resources.
  • their impact on the environment; we are minimizing our services, products and works.
  • We have adopted the principles of improvement in our work against soil, noise, water and air pollution.