Our Quality Policy

IYM Grup
Our Quality Policy

Founded on October 5, 2015, İYM Grup İnşaat A.Ş. With the construction policy it has adopted, it always keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level. It is an institution that has adopted the principle of fully fulfilling the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards. By keeping up with the current and developing technology, we closely follow all the developments in our sector.

  • In line with the principle of efficiency, we have made sustainable improvement, which constantly renews itself, a target.
  • We are an institution that respects the environment and society in which we live.
  • We deliver the projects we start on time.
  • We complete our projects in line with the wishes of our customers.
  • We offer the most suitable economic solutions to our customers.
  • We are constantly improving our business volume.
  • We contribute to the national economy.
  • We also keep employee satisfaction at a high level.
  • We act in accordance with applicable legal regulations and national laws/regulations.
  • We guarantee worker and job security in line with international standards.
  • We provide our employees with continuous training on occupational safety.
  • We are constantly doing R&D studies on our projects.
  • We are trying to reflect our knowledge and experience to the construction industry in the best way possible.
  • We create suitable working environments with the help of technology.