Our HR Policy

IYM Grup
Our HR Policy

İYM Group Construction Inc. Within the scope of our human resources policy, our employees; we always include it in the understanding of participatory, transparent and equal management.

  • We have an institutional structure that constantly improves itself and is open to learning.
  • We create organizational structures that will adapt quickly to developments and changes.
  • We carry out our activities in line with the OHS policy.
  • We offer our employees a comfortable working environment by combining quality policies and standards.
  • Thanks to the Open Door Policy we have adopted, we ensure the trust of our employees.
  • We produce projects for development.
  • We organize various trainings for our personnel to create added value.
  • We carry out our activities both customer and employee oriented.
  • Education is at the heart of our business. We design training programs for everyone working in our company, from the top to the bottom. At the end of the training, we make various evaluations and determine our pros and cons.
  • We determine the business policy according to everyone's field.
  • We ensure that our personnel's competence in relations with individuals and institutions is increased.
  • We collaborate with various non-governmental organizations.
  • We act in a way that solves problems.

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