Fire Resistant Plasterboard

Fire Resistant Plasterboard

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Fire Resistant Plasterboard is a glass fiber added, smooth surfaced, resistant and flexible indoor plasterboard with extended fire resistance. Front side is covered with pink and back side is covered with gray paper. It is used on the partition walls, lining walls, shaft walls and suspended ceilings indoors where resistance to fire required.

Pacific Series is a glass fiber reinforced, smooth surface, durable and flexible indoor gypsum board with increased fire resistance time. The front side is covered with pink paper and the back side is covered with gray colored paper. It is used in the construction of partition walls, cladding walls, shaft walls and suspended ceilings where fire resistance is required indoors. Thanks to its fast and easy application feature, it saves time and labor. Thanks to its flexibility and lightness, it can be easily applied in any architectural detail. When used with suitable insulation materials, it provides high sound and heat insulation performances. It allows to increase the fire resistance of the building elements. Fire resistance in minutes can be achieved with systems created using Fire Resistant Gypsum Plates.